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Contact lenses can be a great visual correction as an alternative to spectacles and offer additional freedom and comfort.


At J. Oliver Radley Opticians we offer a full contact lens service.

contact lens cleaning


We offer all types of lenses to suit your needs from daily to monthly disposable and more specific tailor made – of course everyone eyes are different!

Your contact lenses may be for one distance or perhaps to enable you to see close up too. We have access to a wide variety of suppliers to make sure you have the very best.


We encourage regular check ups so we can ensure your eyes remain healthy and you are getting the most from your lenses. Eyes and lifestyles change – this is our opportunity to let you know of any developments in the world of contact lenses and ensure the very latest is available if you desire.

Please come wearing your contact lenses to check ups unless you are having any concerns with comfort and bring along your spectacles if possible.


We understand it can be a little daunting to take this step so offer a comfort taster for those that are unsure. Please call the practice to arrange.

During a new fitting, your optometrist will take some measurements of your eyes (no contact) and exam the front of your eye to check your eyes are suitable to proceed.

The optometrist will pop some lenses in and assess how they settle down. We then take time to teach you how to put your lenses in, take them out and care for them. We guarantee time and patience with return visits until the techniques are mastered

Contact Lens Plan
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