Dyslexia and colour blindness

ChromaGen is available to people of all ages, to help with of dyslexia and colour-blindness.

ChromaGen is a unique, patented system that uses a combination of coloured lenses to help with eye-to-brain communication. When the correct colour combination is selected by the patient during an assessment, an immediate improvement is commonly experienced. With dyslexia, results have included clearer text, anchoring of text to the page, ease, accuracy and speed of reading; and neater writing and clearer number recognition.

Colour-blindness sufferers have reported similar immediate improvements in their ability to discriminate between different hues and the brightness or intensity of different colours.

Developed by Cantor & Nissel, the ChromaGen system has been found by specialist opticians throughout the world to be of both immediate and long term benefit to their patients. Please feel free to contact the practice and our staff will be happy to give you further information regarding assessments and pricing.

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