Hay fever

We are also offering patients with hay fever advice:

  • Avoid pollen as much as possible by closing windows and keeping surfaces clear with a damp duster.
  • Wear sunglasses which can help to protect your eyes from dust and pollen.
  • Visit your Optometrist or Pharmacist for advice and to get medicated eye drops to help alleviate the itching and swelling.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remember to check if you can use the drops while your lenses are in. When the pollen count is very high it can be more comfortable to wear your spectacles rather than your contact lenses. You may feel more comfortable by avoiding wearing contact lenses in hot, dry or dusty conditions or when you are gardening, particularly when mowing the lawn, as grass particles and pollen can become stuck behind the lens and cause discomfort.
  • If your eyes become dry, seek professional advice from your Optometrist, Pharmacist or GP. They may prescribe lubricating eye drops to ease the dryness.

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