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Hearing assessments

Enjoy the life-changing benefits of better hearing. 

We are delighted to announce a new local hearing care service thanks to our partnership with Jovon Hearing, one of the UK’s leading firms of hearing care professionals. You can now enjoy the very best in assessment, consultation and advice, right here.

One in five people over the age of 55 has difficulty hearing. For most of us, hearing loss is just normal wear and tear and one more fact of life. The good news is that help is available for those who choose to find it.

Digital technology has made possible an amazing range of new hearing aids which not only bring more and richer sounds into your life, but also come in a range of colours to match every hair and skin tone. They’re small, thin and virtually invisible.



Dr Elizabeth Adesugba is a highly qualified hearing and balance specialist with over 13 years’ experience in private and NHS audiological care. She is an experienced lecturer nationally and internationally on topics such as anatomy and physiology, audiology and NHS professions.

She trained in Audiology at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital (RNTNE) London and proceeded to obtain a clinical doctorate in Audiology with Nova Southeastern University Florida.

Dr Adesugba founded her private audiology practice, Jovon Hearing Limited, in 2009, where she provides the latest technology assessment and treatment strategies in hearing and balance.

She is also a council member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA)

Dr Adesugba lives in Hertfordshire and is married with 2 beautiful children. She loves music and sings in a gospel choir at the weekends.

J. Oliver Radley Opticians

36 High Street

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Scope of Practice

  • Hearing tests, Hearing Aid Fittings, Counselling on Hearing Issues and Routine Audiological Duties.

  • Vestibular/Balance Assessments and Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Tinnitus Assessments and Tinnitus Management

  • Hearing Protection including Earplugs for swimming, sleeping, musicians and people exposed to loud noises.

  • Removal of Ear Wax, Wax-related issues including micro suction and advice on wax-related issues.




Hearing Test - Pure Tone Audiometry (including Air Conduction, Bone Conduction and Masking




Wax Removal/Cerumen Management


Hearing Aid Fitting

£990 - £2500 per

hearing aid

Tinnitus Consulation and Hearing Test


Initial Balance/Vestibular Assessment

with Dix Hallpike Testing and canal Repositioning Manoeuvre 


Musician and Industrial Hearing Protection

£140 - £600

Swim plugs