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UV protection and performance

All styles of Sunglasses and sports eyeweare, from wraparounds to aviators, wayfarers and cat-eyes, come with full UV protection to keep your eyes safe from damaging UV rays. Choose the style that suits you, from our wide range of sunglasses. You can select prescription sunglasses or prescription spectacles with light-reactive lenses. For contact lens wearers and those with 20:20 vision we stock ready to wear, non-prescription sunglasses.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are available in classic and contemporary styles. While Oakley and Adidas performance sunglasses offer a range of lens and frame options, designed for sports. Sunglasses can improve driving performance too, and we provide polarised sunglasses with lenses that cut glare from the sun for safer driving.

Features of sunglasses and sports eyewear

  • UV400 protection screens your eyes against harmful rays from the sun.

  • Polarised lenses block out distracting glare.

  • Wraparound lenses provide perfect all-round vision.

  • Ultra-lightweight frame materials give you added comfort.

  • Adjustable nose-pads and rubber ear tips help provide a snug fit.

  • Robust frames can withstand impact and provide durability.

  • Advanced frame materials help eliminate slipping for a firm grip.

Lens colours for sports sunglasses and driving

  • Grey or smoke lenses are an excellent all-round option for all sports, driving and most weather conditions including bright light. Grey lenses are colour-neutral, blocking all light equally to maintain true colour.

  • Brown lenses block blue light to improve colour contrasts and improve depth perception. Since they enhance the colour red, they are often favoured by drivers as red traffic lights and tail lights stand out even more. This colour lens can make it easier to see fish in river shallows, red cricket balls again the pitch and golf balls against a blue sky.

  • Blue lenses can make it easier to see yellow objects with greater clarity, making this a choice of tennis players since most tennis balls are neon yellow.

  • Green lenses block out sunlight evenly to keep colour perceptions balanced.

  • Purple lenses improve the golfers’ ability to see the ball against the green fairway and judge distances with accuracy.

  • Red and rose-coloured lenses filter out blue light to increase colour contrasts and make objects and contours appear sharper. They’re worn by cyclists, golfers and skiers looking for sharp definition.

  • Orange and yellow lenses enhance the light in low or fading light conditions. They are worn by cyclists and runners and to keep dust and bugs out of eyes whilst letting the light through, as well as by fishing and shooting enthusiasts.

  • Clear lenses are worn purely to protect the eyes from flying debris.

  • Interchangeable eyewear sets allow you to switch lenses depending on the current light conditions.

  • Mirror and revo lenses are a finish that’s usually added to the outside of grey lenses to create a sporty look but do still act to filter out sunlight.

  • Photochromic lenses react to light conditions, automatically darkening in response to bright sunlight and are available in a range of lens colours.

Drivers should always choose sunglasses with filter category 3 lenses (or lower) for safety. Filter category 4 lenses block too much light making the view too dark and must not be worn for driving.