Tom Davies Bespoke Eyewear

Tom Davies Bespoke Eyewear 


With Tom Davies Bespoke you have the opportunity to own a frame uniquely tailored to your facial measurements and references.


Bespoke options 

The base curve

Changing the base curve on the frame is one of the best things you can do if you have a high prescription. For example, if you have a high minus prescription, changing the frame’s base curve to 300 is going to improve the cosmetic appearance dramatically and can also improve optical clarity. It also improves the stability of the frame. Sometimes a high prescription can force the frame to flatten if it’s been adjusted during lens mounting.


Sometimes just changing colours is enough. Even if you are changing the base curve to fit your prescription better or tweaking the nose fit, you will find the colour the most noticeable change. There are seasonal releases of new colours and older colours are removed from the collection, meaning we offer around 80-90 acetate colours and 28-30 titanium colour options at any time. If you need to try a colour on before ordering the frame we can help with our colour kits.

Customer measurements

These measurements are easy to take but are extremely important for fitting a bespoke frame. First, the shape of the frame is manufactured around two measurements taken from your temples and over your ears. We use these to manufacture the frame to your measurements. This stops the frame going out of shape in the short and long terms and is especially important when we have changed the base curve of the frame. The other measurements are nose fits. We offer these on our Horn frames and for these we use our nose fitting templates.


Temple arm design

Across the Tom Davies range, there is a large variety of temple arm designs and styles. Occasionally you may love the front shape or colour of a frame but you may not like a detail. So you can then choose something more suitable from our library of arms. Or you might want to have something specially created and have a design from a different frame.


The finished frame

Each frame is laser engraved with your name